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Yahoo Feature: Sherrell Alicia
Restoring Beauty & Transforming Lives

Podcast Interview: Mindful Minutes & The Journey To Becoming Your Higher Self


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Voyage Baltimore Feature: Meet Sherrell Alicia Jackson


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A 21-day mindfulness experience for those desiring positive change in their lives and are ready to take the internal inventory needed for the growth and development required to achieve positive breakthroughs. A devotional workbook focused on mindfulness, self-care, and spirituality, meant to help readers discover parts of themselves never seen before, providing tools to support those discoveries, worksheets, and compassionate guidance on how to utilize what the reader finds along the pathway to their higher self.

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I absolutely love this booklet. I’ve had every version and it gets better each and every time. From the affirmations, suggestions, and information to guide you through becoming a mindful master, this program really works. In addition to the book, I’ve done the 21 day challenge multiple times as I work on various goals within my personal, business, and family life dynamics. The more mindful I am, the easier it will be for my children to grasp this concept. Thank you Sherrell Alicia for taking the time to work on yourself and pay it forward!


Mindful Minutes was an awesomely refreshing experience. Sherrell Alicia did an amazing job guiding me to the place where my faith and my responsibility align. Her practical take on the practice of mindfulness is clear and concise. The exercises and tools she shares will really help you access where you are and lead you to dig deep and become more self-aware. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tiffany, M.

This 21 day guided self care journal allows you to invite in the calm and sit down to clearly see where you are; and start in the direction of where you want to be. Sometimes we have trouble starting with where to begin. And sometimes we know who we are but want more. Most times we don’t even realize we ourselves, are the change we need. THIS BOOK DID ALL OF THAT FOR ME!!! Self actualization is the best self care! I did the 21 days and immediately felt the shift.

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