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My Story

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Sherrell Alicia has overcome what many would see as insurmountable. As a child of the Maryland Fostercare system she is no stranger to the challenges and vulnerabilities many often face on a day to day basis. Add to that  her over 14+ years of experience as a beauty professional, being sought out as a guide to her clients through numerous lifestyle challenges, and it’s easy to understand Sherrell’s renewed dedication to mindfully restoring the idea of beauty from the inside out and guiding mentees as they power through their self-discovery journey. With the adaptation of her 15+ years living a mindful lifestyle, the development of her beauty brand SA Beauty Online/Hair replacement and restoration initiative #iamnotmyhairloss and the growth of her Make Me Ova Salon led seamlessly to the creation of SA Mindful Beauty Restorations. It is here that Sherrell, #yourmindfulnessmentor, is able to provide compassionate support for those seeking guidance on the pathway to their high selves. Through group and individual mentoring, mindfulness events, and wellness retreats she thoughtfully creates a safe space for becoming more mindful together.

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