Providing compassionate support for those seeking guidance on the pathway to their high selves.

"A devotional workbook focused on mindfulness, self-care and spirituality"

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The Mindful Experience 

Enjoy guided mindfulness and meditation classes online. Practice with us as much as you want on any digital device.


Free Consultation

Are you seeking supportive guidance and a safe community as you continue your journey of self-discovery? Book a Free Consultation.

Fitness Group

Group Mentorship

This mindful master mentorship experience was created to provide a safe and supportive community for those who desire more.

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Mindful Master Mentorships

This mindful master mentorship is a very intimate one, It’s created and executed based on a combination of mentee needs/request and mentor suggestions.

Our Mantra...

"What's in my cup is for me, what runs out is for everyone else"

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  • Meet Me At Yoga
    Sun, Feb 06
    Revolve Wellness Studios
    The meet me series is a seasonal series where like minds come together and "meet me" at some of my favorite workshops, wellness events and outings.

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